The Egbede Family

General History of the Egbede Family

About the year 1937, Late Pa. Eboigbe, the Odionwere of Uvbe led a delegation to Late Pa. Okoro-Otun, the Iyasere of Benin, who made a representation to the Oba Akenzua II that Uvbe people needed Enogie. The stool has been vacant since the death of Enogie Aghedo who has no male child.

Osunde was the father of Airuede. Airuede was the father of Olikiabor, Guobadia, Madam Abiuwayo, Ebose, Okunbor, Isegbe Ayano Omueme and others.

At this time when the stool was vacant, after the reign of Aghedo, many people were applying for the Enogieship of Uvbe. Late Aisien of Uvbe, the father of Igiehon and Obo Ighagbob, on his way to Benin to present himself, fell at Ebomisi hill at Ugoneki. He could not get to Benin; he was carried home and later died.

Pa. Ogbeide Ihama who was a timber contractor was also applying, but failed.

Pa. Osawe who was all the time at Enugu also came home to contest the stool and my grandfather Okunbor was helping him in the palace.

Later it was resolved by the Egbede family then to take a decision on their own. At the family meeting held in Pa Okor-Otun's house at Ogbeaka Street, it was then resolved that Osawe and Okunbor should stand the test of voting.

When they were voted for, chief Okunbor won the majority, so he was duly elected and he was taken to the Omo Noba Akenzua II as the next of kin to inherit the throne of Enogie in Uvbe-Egbede as the only surviving male child.

The people I know and heard were present in the meeting were Chief Okoro_Otun the Chairman, Pa. Aighobahi the Edohen of Benin, Pa. J.N. Guobadia who was the Secretary at that time, Madam Igbaghonsogie; mother of Jackson Obaseki and Iyayi Obaseki, Madam Evbun Ozoye, Obayowana Olikiabor and host of others.

In 1938, my grandfather, Okunbor proceeded to Uvbe with his family as the new Enogie of Uvbe-Egbede. He was well received by the people of Uvbe. He stayed at Ediae's house who later became the Odionwere of Uvbe.

After a short stay, he was made to celebrate his coronation whereby people danced with him from the Edion shrine of Uvbe to Isua, Evbuozegbo and Iguobi village. I was an eye witness of the coronation. On every Oguedion, he offered a goat with wine and kola nuts for sacrifice to show that he was the Enogie of those villages under him. He now became a full fledged Enogie.

His reign was very peaceful and loved by all. He stayed in Ediae's house for a period before he proceeded to the site where the palace is now. He was on the throne for ten years and passed away to meet his ancestors towards the end of the year 1948. My father Omorodion performed the burial ceremony of his father and ascended the throne immediately. As I was told, he went to Usama and Isua road for some days but did not perform the coronation as the father did.

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