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About the Benin Kingdom

The land now known as Edo state-with Benin City as its capital-has a long history of civilization. Historians and researchers trace its existence to as far back as prehistoric times, as a well-organized unified community, under a very formidable monarchial authority called 'Ogiso'. The community was run by a versatile government machinery with legislative, executive and judiciary arms. There were also some form of checks and balances...

History of the Egbede Family

About the year 1937, Late Pa. Eboigbe, the Odionwere of Uvbe led a delegation to Late Pa. Okoro-Otun, the Iyasere of Benin, who made a representation to the Oba Akenzua II that Uvbe people needed Enogie. The stool has been vacant since the death of Enogie Aghedo who has no male child.

Osunde was the father of Airuede. Airuede was the father of Olikiabor, Guobadia, Madam Abiuwayo ...

About the Families

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