The Benin Kingdom

Other Greetings

Oba Evbaru (Obevbaru)
Well done
Oba Okhian (Obokhian)
Oba Owa (Obowa)
Happy home staying, greetings to any person you meet at home
Oba Iwinna (Obiwinna)
Greetings to any person you meet working
Oba Odaro (Obodaro)
Greetings to anyone who precede you at a meeting place
Oba Izinegbe (or) Oba Efonkpa
Greetings to anyone who has endurance (expressing ones condolence)
Oba Iketin
Greetings to anyone resting or observing a small break from hard work
Oba Olugbo
Greetings to any who is busy preparing for any occasion or ceremony
To use any of the above phrases to more than one person, you will have to pluralize the word by using "Wa" instead of "O"
"Wabiwinna" - will be greetings to all you meet working
"Wabowa" - will be greetings to all you meet at home
"Wabokhian" - will be greetings to all coming from outside, that is welcome to you all and so on

Singular - Uruese
Plural - Waruese
Note: Edo greetings do not usually end with the person offering it. It is a give and take exercise or practice. It is often said in Edo language that otue, Ibu eva noo-ugha tue mwen, I vbe tuo werriegbe, u see atue, ere a mien, ai mien u see a khueniem that is, greetings is in twofolds, you greet me, I greet you back. You can see someone who may not worth your greetings, but, no one is not worth your reply to his or her greetings. It is unethical to ignore greetings from anybody, no matter what.